How it works:

  • Every month, the Storytelling Collective team will announce a tabletop roleplaying game system we'll be studying over the next few weeks
  • All participants will receive a worksheet, prompts, and questions to guide their reading
  • In collaboration with the StoCo team, a facilitator with expertise on that month's game system will host Zoom calls and online discussions throughout the month
  • Participants will be part of an online community where they can ask questions and share thoughts about that month's ttRPG
  • Toward the end of the month, participants will receive writing prompts to put their new knowledge into practice!

    Sign up for the waitlist

    To finalize the size of groups and the facilitators needed, please sign up for the waitlist using the form below. This doesn't commit you to a membership; it's just info we need before we launch. This is also how we'll notify you when Bookwyrms is open for registration!


    "Will this be a free program?"

    The ttRPG Reading Club will be a membership-based program (similar to a Patreon model, but not hosted on Patreon) so that facilitators can be properly compensated for their time. We WILL be offering scholarships like we do for all Storytelling Collective programs! 

    "Do I get to pick which ttRPG I read?"

    The goal is to study ttRPGs as a group, and we're prioritizing ttRPGs that have community content programs so that our participants can write and publish for the game systems they learn about. Depending on interest, we'll open a voting system for future cohorts. 

    "Will we be reading game books (like campaigns, settings, or lore) or game systems?"

    The goal is to learn a game system or rule set well enough to feel comfortable creating for it, so we'll be focusing on modules that function as a game's system or ruleset. For some ttRPGs, a system and a setting are one in the same. 

    "Will I have a chance to PLAY the ttRPGs we read?"

    Our hope is that, through the community aspect of this reading club, you'll be able to connect with others learning the same game and can form groups to play through them. Play is a vital element of learning a new ttRPG. The StoCo team will be available to help coordinate play sessions with club members.